From 1998, when  Nara ChandraBabu Naidu set the cornerstone for HITEC city, Hyderabad began to flourish. In 1998, the foundation stone for Hitech City was placed after the design for Cyber Towers was approved. Prior to that, he went to see Bill Gates to ask him to start a business. From a 15-minute meeting, it lasts 45 minutes.  Nara Chandrababu Naidu’s presentation and ideas captured Bill Gates’ attention, and he promised to launch Microsoft in Hyderabad as a result. This Microsoft development center is the first one outside of North America and in India. Because Microsoft is a significant MNC, many businesses began to look at Hyderabad after that. Because of Microsoft, Hyderabad attracted foreign investment. Because of Microsoft and the economic strategies of the state and federal governments, software companies established their businesses in Hyderabad. The growth continued after that. Areas like Gachibowli, Madhapur, Kukatpally, Manikonda, Hitech City, and Nizampet have grown in recent years.Acknowledge more information regarding the TDP Achievements.

Regarding the pharmaceutical industry, it stayed stagnant until Genome Valley arrived in Hyderabad, which serves as the center for the pharmaceutical sector, even though pharma businesses have been operating in the city since the 1960s. Numerous pharmaceutical businesses began operating in Hyderabad after Genome Valley, which is another invention of  Nara ChandraBabu Naidu. These activities led to the creation of thousands of employment, including those in software, construction, blue-collar work, goods shops on every corner of the street, watchmen, maids, paper milk boys, roads, sanitation, mess, curry spots, hostels, cab driving, and so on. He has also helped establish several international schools, Universites and many more.Vist our website for more Latest TDP News.

It is true that Mr. Nara Charndrababu Naidu altered Hyderabad’s whole playing field. The Hyderabad of today can be credited to CNB as its principal architect. He has accomplished everything, from technological advancement to cultural development.

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