A people-centered development programme called Janmabhoomi started by  Nara Chandrababu Naidu seeks to create an ideal society. It upholds and exemplifies the values of inclusiveness, equity, openness, and accountability that promote sustained economic growth and excellence in all spheres of endeavor. An improved quality of life for every man, woman, and child in the State is the aim. The implementation of the IPrsjalaVaddakuPalana’ (Bringing administration to the people’s doorsteps), the Shramadan’ (Contribution of free labor for development), and the micro-level planning from November 1995 to December 1996 in the State have all contributed to the growth of this process. The following sentences provide a detailed explanation of these ideas:Find all the developments done by Nara Chandrababu NAidu and TDP Achievements.

Micro-Level Planning (MLP)

It is an activity that allows persons or groups of people to connect with regional programmes. A micro-plan is a subdivision of a tiny region made up of a collection of communities. The ultimate goal is to plan for every individual family, which is plainly impossible. A district, sub-division, or block is too large to prepare an MLP for a local programme. The goal of MLP is to create a plan document for a village or villages that details the tasks to be carried out in each location based on an accurate assessment of the available resources. This can be accomplished depending on the family type, community demands, agro climatic conditions, the person, and communal living patterns.Follow our website for Latest TDP News.

The involvement of students from various institutions and colleges has helped the Government of Andhra Pradesh achieve the MLP goals to some extent. Thousands of students visited villages and provided MLP training to the locals. MLPs for municipal ward groups and village habitations were created under the direction of Nodal officials. MLP has also included participation from village secretaries, agricultural officers, anganwadi workers, paid secretaries of primary agricultural committees, health sub-centers, ANMs, school teachers, municipalities, and municipal corporation officials.

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