A day will be launched to highlight the problems facing the people of Andhra Pradesh. Through the beginning of the “Yuvagalam padayatra,” Nara Lokesh son of Nara Chandra Babu Naidu would speak out in response to the problems facing the people of Andhra Pradesh. This is going to be the latest breaking news of political party in AP. The Telugu Desham Party believes that for the benefit of the populace, the current Andhra Pradesh government falls short. They contend that TDP power can bring AP back along the path of progress. Every party member is working hard to make the yatra a success as a result of the primary goals of the “Yuvagalam Padayatra” are to increase young self-confidence and make them aware of political truths and forces.

Redesigning all of the policies for the advantage of the populace will also aid in constructing a brighter future.

Nara Lokesh plans to launch the Yuvagalam Yatra on January 27 with the back support of Nara Chandra Babu Naidu to raise TDP support for public welfare by encouraging young people to actively engage over 400 kilometres over 400 days. To make AP state history, Lokesh is prepared to hike from Kuppam to Ichapuram in the Srikakulam district. During the 400-day padayatra, a route map has been created to visit 175 constituencies. TDP requested general approval in letters to the DGP and the Principal Secretary of the Home Department on January 12, 2023.

Additionally, letters have been written to the SCs of the districts if permission is required elsewhere in the districts. Additionally, letters were sent to the SPs of the Chittoor district and Tirupati as part of this. But the cops have not yet given their consent. Everyone’s scepticism of the government begins here. The TDP is becoming more and more agitated and anxious as the police drag their feet in issuing the licences. The government authorities are well aware of how serious the TDP is about this yatra, but they still lack the authority to hold them accountable.

The government officials, who were aware of the situation, should have granted permission as soon as the TDP requested it.

It would have been sufficient if the government officials, who were aware of the situation, had granted permission as soon as TDP requested it. However, the TDP leaders are furious as they wait to avoid doing so. There are several claims that the government has begun to shake as a result of the Lokesh Padayatra. In a sense, the TDP leaders desire this. The brothers’ strategy is to make it a huge deal and get support from the populace if the government refuses to permit the padayatra. TDP, however, just seeks to instal a better administration for the sake of the populace.

Telugu Desham Party is primarily concerned with state-level problems including young unemployment, fuel costs, public monies being stolen, exorbitant energy bills, pothole-filled highways, capital problems, and many more. The Yuvagalam padayatra’s motivations are simple and obvious. The kids are the centre of all TDP advantages since they can transform the future for the better.

A clear point is that the TDP’s slogan is to give the people all the assistance and policies that are in line with their rights, not to raise opposition to the current administration. For future generations to create a brighter future in all regards, the TDP is the government that is most crucially required. This campaign focuses mostly on mobilising young problems.

The TDP is mostly of the opinion that this extraordinary history will restore them to their former capabilities, which will undoubtedly have an impact on young employment and other prospects. They think that by supporting the TDP party, concerns affecting people would be resolved and brighter days will be welcomed.Also Read: Youth Support Is a Must To the TDP Party For The Successful Completion Of Yuvagalam Padayatra

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